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Barking Frogs is all about creating unique branded swag that is both practical and great looking. Our goal is to have your name stand out while your clients are out having fun!

Our main products are Barkies & Sleeves. We customize these with a unique design to set your event, team or organization a part from the rest. We can also take care of your other swag needs including t-shirts and jerseys.

Barkies & Sleeves are great for:

  • Giveaways
  • Promotions
  • Fundraising
  • Event Swag
  • Merchandise
  • Company Gear

What are Barkies? Barkies are a seamless tubes of high-tech microfiber that can be worn tons of different ways depending on the activity or weather. This truly multi-functional gear is perfect for all athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.  The fabric has 19+ UV protection and easily wicks away sweat keeping you cool, or warm if need be!

What are Sleeves? Our sleeves are tubes of high-tech microfiber that are worn on the arms. They are easy to take on and off to allow versatility when out on an adventure. They help you stay warm at the start of your day and can be taken off as things heat up! Worried about sun exposure? Leave them on for 20+ UV protection. The wicking fabric makes them great in all conditions.

Barkies & Sleeves are easy for you to manage.  They are light weight and compact, making them easy to store.  Being one size means that you never have to worry about having lots of left overs or worse, people getting the wrong size because that is all you have left!

Packaging Options. You can choose our swag packaging that is a clear poly bag with How-to-Wear insert card or retail packaging that looks great hanging on the shelf. For orders over 1,000 units we can customize your packaging for a small extra charge.

Bark says “Barkies & Sleeves for everyone!” Give your athletes and fans something they will wear over and over again.

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