1. Performance Headgear2. Practical3. Versatile4. Adaptable5. On The Go6. On Wheels7. Multifunctional8. Customizable


Barking Frogs fully customizes multi-functional headgear with a unique design to set your race, event, team or organization a part from the rest.

Barkies are great for:

  • Event Schwag
  • Promotions
  • Fundraising
  • Giveaways
  • Merchandise
  • Company Gear

Barkies are a simple tube of seamless high-tech microfiber that can be worn many different ways, depending on the activity or weather, making them perfect for all athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.  They are remarkably practical, amazingly versatile and have a gazillion uses… plus they are fun to wear!

Barkies are also easy for you to manage.  They are light weight, compact, easy to store and ship.  Our multifunctional headgear is the perfect low-cost option.

Give your athletes and fans something they will wear over and over again – Barkies for Everyone!

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