Chief Frog & Fun Officer

Bark is proud to be chosen to have our company named after him – and he deserves it! If anyone has been there and done it, it’s Bark. His exploits span the globe in a dizzyingly array of amazing adventures. In the circles that really count he is known simply as “The World’s Most Interesting Frog”. To have lived this long and survived so much, Bark knows what it takes to be prepared. He would never leave his pad without the proper headgear or attitude. We are proud to have him as our CFFO and look forward to more great adventures. Join us and lets have fun.



Chief of Everything Else Officer

Creator of Barking Frogs, Elisa has 30 years of experience as a successful artist, garment designer and manufacturer. She has worked extensively in the fields of business development, marketing and sales. As an athlete, ski patroller and lover of outdoor adventures, she understands exactly what you need to be comfortable while looking great. Her spirit and multifaceted talents are what sets Barking Frogs apart. Between her and Bark you can trust that we have everything covered – in a stylish manner!